Attari Group of Companies



The Attari Group of Companies, founded in 2007 by visionary CEO Saif ur Rehman, is a pioneering conglomerate shaping industries across real estate, food, and marketing. Renowned for excellence and innovation, the group’s diverse portfolio boasts iconic projects like Al Maida Food, Khyber City Executive, and Safari Enclave, redefining standards in their sectors. Committed to quality, affordability, and community development, each venture reflects Saif ur Rehman’s unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and innovation. With initiatives like Investo21 and Daniyal Marketing, the Attari Group continues to lead by example, driving growth and success in Wah Cantt and beyond.


Empowering communities through innovative solutions, fostering excellence, and ensuring sustainable growth for generations to come.


To be a global leader in diverse industries, driving positive change, and enriching lives worldwide

CEO & Founder

Mr Saif ur Rehman

Saif ur Rehman, the visionary CEO of the Attari Group of Companies, is a luminary figure in the realms of business and community development. From humble beginnings, Saif’s journey epitomizes resilience, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Established in 2007, the Attari Group stands as a testament to Saif’s entrepreneurial prowess. Its diverse portfolio spans across real estate, food, and marketing industries, each venture reflecting Saif’s ethos of quality, affordability, and social responsibility.

Al Maida Food, founded in 2013, revolutionized the frozen food industry with its commitment to freshness and taste. Khyber City Executive, established in 2019, offers affordable luxury living, elevating residential standards in Wah Cantt.

Safari Enclave Islamabad, inaugurated in 2022, embodies the group’s dedication to community development, providing modern living spaces at accessible rates. Mashallah Cash & Carry, also launched in 2022, became a cornerstone of convenience and reliability in its community.

Town Square, initiated in 2022, redefines urban living with its innovative blend of residential and commercial spaces. Investo21, established in 2023, drives growth and success for local businesses through innovative marketing strategies.

In 2024, Daniyal Marketing emerged as Wah Cantt’s largest marketing entity, pioneering cutting-edge solutions for businesses. Under Saif’s leadership, each project not only sets new industry standards but also enriches the lives of countless individuals, embodying the Attari Group’s mission of progress and prosperity for all.